8 Actors Who Have Appeared in Verizon Commercials (2024)

by Matthew C. F

Verizon, a prominent telecommunications company, has consistently captivated audiences with their commercials by enlisting the talent of well-known stars. This practice may initially come as a surprise, but it is not uncommon for esteemed actors to take on commercial roles as lucrative side hustles. The allure of commercials lies in their ability to provide substantial and competitive salaries.

Furthermore, commercials serve as a dependable source of work for actors outside of their customary appearances in movies and television shows. By collaborating with recognizable celebrities, Verizon effectively leverages their star power to create engaging advertisem*nts that resonate with consumers. So, here are 8 actors who have appeared in Verizon commercials, from renowned TV stars to Oscar-nominated titans.

8. Paul Marcarelli

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Paul Marcarelli may not have many acting credits to his name in TV and film, however, he is easily one of the most memorable actors star to in the famous Verizon commercials. Where Verizon shine is with their ability to enthrall audiences with their commercials. This is a hard feat to achieve, as typically, people do not like commercials. Verizon often create such a captivating commercial by splicing in humour. To that, Marcarelli’s role as the “Can you hear me now?” guy, has become iconic and beyond qoutable, therefore working its way into pop culture alongside the likes of Budweiser’s “Wassup?” commercial. Marcarelli worked with Verizon between 2002 and 2011 before moving over to Sprint (now part of T-Mobile).

7. Nathan Maurice Goldberg

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Nathan Maurice Goldberg is most known for his role as the boy with glasses in the Verizon’s Mix and Match Family Unlimited Planscommercial. Outside of this role, his acting career has been rather quiet. He starred in two episodes of Saturday Night Live between 2018 and 2019, and portrayed Jimmy in the gritty crime series, The Blacklist.

6. Kovar McClure

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Kovar McClure appears in the Verizon commercials that hold a bit more emotional weight. It is easy to see why he was cast in these segments, as outside of Verizon commercials, McClure has starred in hit drama shows like E.R., Bosch, and House M.D. He is also a trained actor who studied theater at The University of Texas at El Paso. Further to his acting career, McClure served as a writer and director on the award winning comedy web series Devil’s Couriers.

5. Milana Aleksandrovna

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Milana Aleksandrovna is a multi-talented figure in the entertainment industry. What’s truly impressive about her career is how she carved out her own success by co-creating the YouTube channel, Live Prude Girls. This creative endeavour paved the way for greater things, and Aleksandrovna turned her web content into an MTV pilot episode. In 2020, she made her first appearance in one of Verizon’s commercials. From here, her success in the industry has continued ascending. She starred in the 2012 movie, Werewolves Within, and starred opposite Kevin Hart and John Travolta in the Prime Video Original, Die Hart.

4. Kate McKinnon

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Kate McKinnon is one of the most recognisable stars to feature in Verizon’s eclectic mix of commercials. In her segments, she brings a slick level of humour, evidently carried over from her background in stand up comedy. She is most renowned for her recurring roles on Saturday Night Live, where she has played various characters, including a parodied version of Hillary Clinton. In regards to film, McKinnon has starred in hit movies like 2016’s Ghostbusters reboot, the Oscar-winning Bombshell, and the 2023 blockbuster hit, Barbie.

3. Cyrina Fiallo

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Cyrina Fiallo‘s Verizon character of Mary is easily one of the most iconic to date. The character features in the Unlimited Plans are Going Ultra commercial, with Fiallo bringing forth a comedic flair that has made the segment both memorable and legacy inducing. Outside of this commercial, Fiallo has took on roles in acclaimed TV shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Community.

2. Jason Bateman

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Jason Bateman is one of the most sought-after comedic talents in Hollywood. Starting out as a child actor, he has successfully maintained his celebrity status and proved himself as a versatile actor. So, with that said, it’s beyond impressive that Verizon managed to be nab him for one of their commercials. In the hijink heavy Verizon birthday advertisem*nt, Bateman plays a harsh but amusing figure, echoing his well-known roles from films like Identity Thief and Horrible Bosses. In order to increase his chances of receiving the much-coveted new iPhone, Bateman ingeniously interrupts a children’s birthday party with no qualms whatsoever. The result is one of Verizon’s most hilarious commercials yet.

1. Paul Giamatti

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Paul Giamatti is undeniably one of the most distinguished actors in Hollywood today. Throughout his career, he has fearlessly taken on a wide range of roles that showcase his remarkable versatility and ever-growing talent. This dedication to his craft has on two occasions earned him Oscar nominations, most recently for his leading role in The Holdovers. So, it is no wonder why his role in Verizon’s 2022 Christmas commercial shocked many moviegoers and industry professionals alike. In the segment, Giamatti spun his comedic might on the real-life character of Albert Einstein, only this time, the mathematical savant is trying to solve the complexities of modern technology.

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8 Actors Who Have Appeared in Verizon Commercials (2024)


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