Chrisean Rock’s New Assault Lawsuit Should Be the End of Her Fame (2024)

The Big Picture

  • Rappers Chrisean Rock and Blueface's behavior has reached annoying levels, resulting in a need for articles to explain who they are.
  • Chrisean is facing multiple lawsuits for assault and has become a target of negative attention due to her disruptive and violent actions.
  • Chrisean's fame from reality TV show Baddies East may have ruined her life as she struggles to handle the toxicity of fame and faces legal consequences.

Rappers Chrisean Rock and Bluefacehave been assaulting social media newsfeeds everywhere with their recklessly questionable behavior. The on-again-off-again couple have become easy news fodder because of their ridiculous antics. The couple is toxic, and their constant presence in the celebrity news cycle is beginning to hit unhinged levels of annoyance, has become overkill. Blueface received fame after going viral with his version of rap, while Chrisean rose to fame thanks to the Zeus Network reality series, Baddies East. Social media blogs keep their antics afloat. The news about them ramped up after the couple had a child together, and this, combined with their youthfully disappointing folly, has led to a multitude of even more unfortunate news breaking daily. Their fans had a clear understanding that neither of them were prepared for parenthood, and since giving birth, the couple has bickered constantly. Things with the duo have quieted down since Blueface began serving his jail sentence for violating his parole, but now, Chrisean is facing consequences for her own bad behavior.

Chrisean is already facing a lawsuit from a woman who alleges that she assaulted and verbally abused her during a Baddies event hosted by the Zeus Network. According to RadarOnline, the woman, Irby Lashala, is suing Chrisean for “assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.” Irby is also suing the Zeus Network for negligence. The news of this first lawsuit broke in October 2023. Now, Chrisean is facing new issues.

Tamar Braxton went on tour to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her album, Love & War. The tour was a success, and the Braxton Family Values star seems to be on the right path to revitalizing her music career. Tamar made a point of including local stars in the cities she stopped in, like Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Drew Sidora, who joined her onstage during her stop in Atlanta. Tamar had a performance in LA, where her older sister, Toni Braxton, joined her to perform. Chrisean was invited to come to the concert to participate in a twerk-off. However, Chrisean alleges that she was asked to perform. Tamar’s team insisted that she was not invited to perform, which ultimately led to a major altercation. First, Chrisean disrupted the performance by coming onstage and ad-libbing at random during the performance. It was awkward during the performance, and things managed to get worse backstage. Chrisean disrupted an intimate backstage moment between Tamar, Toni, and the rest of her team. This disruption led to an unexpected outburst of violence of her allegedly assaulting Tamar's background singer, and now Chrisean is going to have to face the consequences of her actions again.

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Chrisean Rock Is Sued by Tamar Braxton's Background Singer

TheLA Times reported that a new lawsuit has been filed against Chrisean for assault by James Wright Chanel. The report states that after a back and forth about whether Chrisean was mean to perform on stage, she became enraged. "[Chrisean] became upset with Wright and struck him several times in the face," documents state. She was wearing rings at the time, the suit claim. "She hit him multiple times in the face for no reason at all. We were surprised that she was able to leave the facility that night,’ said Wright’s attorney, Kevin Anderson. "She had on rings that were pretty much equivalent to brass knuckles," the suit alleges. The lawsuit also alleges that she used hom*ophobic slurs as she was removed from the scene and that she continued to make threats.

When Chrisean went backstage after disrupting the performance, she went straight into Tamar’s dressing room to air her grievances about not being able to perform her own music. The problem? They were praying at the time, and Chrisean inserted herself into the prayer, grabbing Tamar’s hand and attempting to grab Toni’s, who was originally holding her sister’s hand. Toni suffers from Lupus, an autoimmune disease that causes a person’s immune system to attack their own body. Because of this, Toni has to be extra careful when it comes to being exposed to outside germs. Tamar shared, “What [Toni’s] not finna do is touch a stranger’s hand, embrace a stranger. She don’t know Chrisean from Adam.”


Tamar Braxton Isn't Upholding the Family Legacy With Her Antics

Tamar Braxton is a part of R&B music royalty, but her social media antics exhibit less than royal behavior.

Not being able to hold Toni’s hand may have added to Chrisean’s building anger, which was allegedly fueled by being drunk and carried outside the dressing room. After the altercation, a now former member of Tamar’s team, Le Troy Davis, shared in a quickly removed social media post: “I just want to let yall know that that girl Chrisean yall keep hyping up assaulted James Wright Chanel at Tamar’s concert tonight. James is in the hospital. I swear I will do everything to make sure she goes to prison. She is trash, and that’s why her life is the way that it is. She deserves every bad thing that happens to her.” Months later, Tamar took to YouTube to share images of Wright's bloodied face and chipped teeth." In the video, Wright says he'll press charges.

Chrisean Rock’s ‘Baddies’ Fame May Have Already Ruined Her Life

Chrisean Rock became famous for being on a show in a franchise called Baddies. IMDB’s description of the series currently reads: “The interactions between several young women living together while hosting a series of promotional events, which often involve verbal and physical altercations.” This description is rather tame, considering the high amounts of violence featured on the show.

Reality TV fans love a good bit of fighting and mess more than anyone, but Baddies takes it to a level that scares off the average viewer. Many have compared it to a series that is easily considered to be its predecessor, Bad Girls Club, but Baddies takes the idea Bad Girls Club was built upon to a new low. The women on the show seem to be more focused on acting out to get more screen time, leading to in-authentic altercations that make it hard to watch. Fame is difficult to handle for most people. Those who rise to the ranks of stardom need to be smart and have tough skin. The glitz and the glamor of being a reality TV star are equally balanced by the toxicity of fan & internet culture. Studies have been done on the psychological effects of fame, and those who achieve it need to be smart about everything they do.

A show like Baddies rewards its cast members' messy behavior, and the majority of the women on these shows are under the age of 25, like Chrisean, who is 23. The human brain is not fully mature until 25 years of age, meaning people under the age of 25 still have brains that are still in the process of “rewiring” from adolescence to adulthood. A study done by the University of California Los Angeles’s psychology department states: “Theorists have proposed that adolescent reward-seeking and risk-taking might result from a relative deficit in the activity of motivational circuitry such that more intense or more frequent rewarding stimuli are necessary to achieve the same activation as adults.” The study worked off of this theory and subsequently found that the desire to be rewarded is a driving factor in adolescent brain activity. And, it seems as if Chrisean does not have good people in her life to tell her these behaviors should not be rewarded, or advise her on what’s best for herself and for her child. And, if she does, she’s blatantly ignoring them. Now that she’s facing multiple lawsuits for assault, the outlook is not looking bright for her. Her antics are on display for the world to see, and that includes Child Protective Services.

Taking a step back from the public light (and from her relationship with Blueface) is exactly what Chrisean needs right now to get her life on track. She has a lot to lose, and right now her child and her own future are both at risk. Some people have the mental fortitude for fame, and Chrisean has yet to develop that ability.

Episodes of Baddies East are available for streaming on Zeus Network. Watch on Zeus

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Chrisean Rock’s New Assault Lawsuit Should Be the End of Her Fame (2024)


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