Don’t Be Fooled:’s Bitcoin Promo Code Scam (2024)

Did you come across and wonder if it’s a real cryptocurrency exchange?

Question: Is a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange?

Investigation Findings: is a scam. Here’s what they do: appears to be legitimate at first glance, showing an increase in your account balance when you apply a promo code like “BITCOIN55”, “ELON5” or “GATES2”. However, when you try to withdraw your Bitcoin, they demand a deposit of about 0.005BTC to “activate” the withdrawal feature.

This site is advertised on social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook, and they may even send direct messages on apps like Telegram and WhatsApp. They lure people with promises of free Bitcoin for signing up and using specific promo codes.

Answer: The website is a scam. It tricks people into thinking they’re receiving free Bitcoin but ultimately just takes your money without giving anything in return. 💡 To avoid such scams, always check the website’s background or its ‘WHOIS’ data. Many scam sites, including, are recently created, which is a major warning sign. Additionally, if the website owner is hiding their identity or if the contact details seem suspicious, it is best to avoid the site.

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  • 🚨 Is the Promo Code Fake?
  • 🕵️‍♂️ How the Scam Works
  • 🤔 Summary Table
  • 💡 Watch Out for Similar Scams
  • 😱 What to Do If Scammed
  • 🛡️ How to Report the Scam

🚨 Is the Promo Code Fake?

Yes, if someone tries to get you to by offering free Bitcoin for using a special code, it’s a scam. 🚫 Be careful with any message or video that says you can get free Bitcoin on by entering a code. These offers are not true and are just tricks to make you send money to a fake cryptocurrency website.

Examples of Fake Crypto Giveaways:

Examples of Scams:

Scammers keep changing how these tricks look and sound, but their goal doesn’t change: they want to trick you into going to their fake website.

  • “Get your free Bitcoin now. Use the promo code ‘BITCOIN55’ on”
  • “Start your free BTC bonus with the promo code ‘ELON5’ at”
  • “Bitcoin Giveaway. Enter the code ‘BITCOIN55’ on for your prize”
  • “Get your 0.29 BTC gift today. Use the promo code ‘STARCOIN’ at”
  • “Your Bitcoin bonus is waiting. Enter ‘GATES2’ on”
  • “Add 0.31 BTC to your account now by entering ‘DRAKE4’ on”

These scams trick you with lies and pressure, making you go to a fake website. 🚨 Their goal? To take your Bitcoin and personal info for things like stealing your money. The scammers use the excitement around cryptocurrency and fake celebrity support to trick people. Keep in mind: real cryptocurrency sites don’t give away free money with risky tricks like unexpected messages or questionable codes. Always double-check these offers with trustworthy sources.

🚩 Red Flags to Watch Out For:

Be vigilant and question the authenticity of such promotions if you encounter these warning signs. 🔍🛡️

  • 📧 Unsolicited Offers: Messages that appear out of nowhere, claiming you can receive free Bitcoin.
  • 🆓 ‘Free’ Bitcoin Promo Codes: Be wary of promotions offering free Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies without any clear, verifiable process or criteria.
  • 🔗 Links to Unknown or Suspicious Websites: The scam includes links to a platform that isn’t recognized as a legitimate cryptocurrency exchange or wallet service.
  • 💸 Activation Fee: Any requirement to pay a fee or make a deposit to “activate” a reward or withdrawal capability is a major warning sign.
  • Urgency and Exclusivity: The promotion imposes a sense of urgency or exclusivity to coerce you into acting quickly, driven by the fear of missing out.
  • 💳 Requests for Deposits or Financial Information: Be skeptical of any demands to make a deposit or enter sensitive financial information on a suspicious website.
  • 🕒 Recently Created Domain: Check the age of the domain; scam sites often use newly registered domains to carry out their operations.
  • 🔍 Hidden or Removed WHOIS Data: Legitimate businesses typically have transparent WHOIS data. Scam sites often hide this information to avoid tracing.
  • 👤 Anonymity of the Promotion: Scammers often hide their true identity or use fake endorsem*nts from public figures.
  • 🔄 Lack of Verifiable Proof: Legitimate giveaways or promotions would provide clear terms and conditions and ways to verify their authenticity, not just a vague promise of free money.

🕵️‍♂️ How the Scam Works

The scam tricks people interested in cryptocurrencies by offering free Bitcoin. Knowing about this scam is important for keeping yourself safe online. 💡🔐

🚨 Using Famous People to Trick You

The scam uses fake videos and messages on social media, pretending to show well-known people like Elon Musk, MrBeast, Jeff Bezos, or Bill Gates talking about a Bitcoin giveaway. This makes you trust the scam because you trust these famous people.

Deepfake Video Examples:

🔗 Deceptive Promotion of Free Bitcoin

The messages include a link to, a fake cryptocurrency trading platform. The site is designed to look professional and trustworthy, aiming to deceive you into thinking it’s a legitimate opportunity.

Deceptive Promotion Examples:

  • Promo code for free Bitcoin
  • Videos and texts falsely claiming celebrity endorsem*nts of the platform
  • Links to, which mimics a genuine cryptocurrency exchange

🎭 Fake Balances and Pressure to Deposit

Upon using a promo code, a fake balance appears in your account, typically a small but tempting amount of Bitcoin. This is designed to make the scam appear legitimate and pressure you into making a deposit to access the supposed funds.

Don’t Be Fooled:’s Bitcoin Promo Code Scam (11)

📥 Activation Fee

The site asks for a small deposit of real Bitcoin to “verify your account” or “activate withdrawals” (typically around 0.005BTC). This directly targets your cryptocurrency, attempting to steal it under the guise of a security procedure.

Don’t Be Fooled:’s Bitcoin Promo Code Scam (12)

🔄 Creating a False Sense of Opportunity

Scammers create an urgent need to act by claiming the giveaway or the bonus is for a limited time. They manipulate you into thinking you’re missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

🕳️ Taking Your Money and Disappearing

After you put in your money, the scammers might block your account, run away with your money, or keep asking for more money for different reasons, taking advantage of your trust and hope.

By understanding these tricks, you can protect yourself from the scam and similar cryptocurrency schemes. Always check if offers are real with trustworthy sources and don’t give personal or financial information on shady websites.

Summary Table ‘Promo Code’ Scam
TypeCryptocurrency Scam
Scam ContentDeepfake videos of celebrities like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Michael Saylor, Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Kanye West, Vitalik Buterin, Cristiano Ronaldo, Mark Zuckerberg, Changpeng Zhao, Robert Kiyosaki, Drake or MrBeast promoting a fake cryptocurrency giveaway on with promises of free Bitcoin for entering a promo code.
Fake PromiseFree Bitcoin (e.g., 0.29 BTC) after entering a promo code and a minimal deposit to “activate” withdrawal capabilities.
Targeted InformationBitcoin deposits, personal information for registration (name, email).
HarmFinancial loss, potential risk to personal information.
How It SpreadsSharing deepfake videos on social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.
Scammer’s MethodsUsing deepfake technology for fake endorsem*nts, creating a sense of urgency and legitimacy, requiring a deposit to withdraw supposed rewards.
VariationsDifferent celebrity endorsem*nts, varying promo codes, and changing Bitcoin “reward” amounts.
Fake Promo CodesExamples include “GATES2”, “ELON5”, “STARCOIN”, and “Bezos02”, which supposedly add free Bitcoin to the user’s account.
Whois DetailsDomain Details:
Domain Name: SLEREX.COM
Registrar: NameSilo, LLC
Creation Date: 2024-06-29
Registry Expiry Date: 2025-06-29

Registrant Information:
Registrant Name: Domain Administrator
Registrant Organization: See
Registrant City: Phoenix
Registrant Phone: +1.3478717726
Registrant Country: US

Protection TipsBe skeptical of too-good-to-be-true crypto giveaways; verify celebrity endorsem*nts; research platforms before making deposits; use secure and unique passwords; enable two-factor authentication where possible.
What To Do If You Suspect A ScamDo not make any deposits; report the scam to social media platforms; inform relevant cybersecurity authorities; share your experience to warn others; monitor financial accounts for unauthorized transactions.
Reporting Info Avoid engaging with the site; report the scam to online consumer protection services and cryptocurrency scam awareness groups; share details on social media to alert potential victims; consider reporting to the authorities for further investigation.

Watch Out for Similar Scams

The scam is just one example of many fraudulent schemes circulating online. These scams have a common goal: to trick you into giving up your personal details and money. Fraudsters are getting more sophisticated, using tactics like fake websites, bogus promo codes, and even impersonating well-known figures or organizations. Below are examples of recent scams similar to that have been circulating:,,, and

What to Do If Scammed 😱

If you’ve fallen prey to the scam, immediate action is crucial to mitigate the damage and prevent others from becoming victims. Here’s a list of steps you should take right away:

🛑 Stop All Deposits and Sharing of Personal Info

Cease any further deposits and refrain from sharing any more personal information with the website.

🏦 Contact Your Bank Immediately

Notify your bank of the unauthorized transaction. They may be able to halt the transaction or provide further steps for you to take.

🛡️ Report Scam Ads

If you encountered scam ads on TikTok or other platforms, report them so they can be removed. TikTok: 📱 Open the TikTok App, 🔍 Locate the Scam Ad, ⚙️ Access More Options, 🚫 Select ‘Report’.

🏛️ File a Complaint with Consumer Protection Agencies

In the U.S., this would mean contacting the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) at If you’re in another country, reach out to your national consumer protection agency.

📣 Use Social Media to Warn Others

Share the information on your social media accounts to alert friends, family, and followers, reducing their risk of falling for the same scam.

How to Report the Scam

If you come across the scam or anything like it, it’s really important to report it. Not only does this help keep you safe, but it also helps protect others. Here’s how you can make a report, including specific steps for popular social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

General Tips on Reporting Scams

  • Keep Records: Take screenshots or save any messages, emails, or links connected to the scam.
  • Use the Report Button: Look for a report or flag option on the platform where you found the scam.
  • Talk to Your Bank: If money was involved, tell your bank or payment service right away.
  • Report to Authorities: Letting your local consumer protection or cybercrime authorities know can help too.

How to Report the scam on TikTok

Don’t Be Fooled:’s Bitcoin Promo Code Scam (17)

  1. Go to the scammy video.
  2. Tap “Report”. Choose the reason that fits, like “Scams or fraud”.

How to Report the scam on Instagram

Don’t Be Fooled:’s Bitcoin Promo Code Scam (18)

  1. Go to the scam post or the scammer’s profile.
  2. Click on the three dots at the top.
  3. Hit “Report” and follow the steps to say why you’re reporting it.

How to Report the scam on YouTube

Don’t Be Fooled:’s Bitcoin Promo Code Scam (19)

  1. Start by going to the video in question.
  2. Look for three dots below the video and click them.
  3. Select “Report”, choose “Spam or misleading” then “Scams/Fraud” to explain why.

How to Report the scam on Facebook

  1. Find the scam post, profile, or page.
  2. Click on Three Dots, these are usually at the top right of the post or page.
  3. Press “Report”, pick the reason for reporting and follow the prompts.

Reporting might seem like a small action, but it can have a big impact. By reporting scams, you’re helping to make the internet a safer place for everyone.

Conclusion is running a scam that uses attractive promo codes to trick people into giving them Bitcoin. They can even create highly realistic videos where it looks like celebrities are recommending, telling you that you can get free Bitcoin if you use special promo codes. People are fooled into thinking that if they send a little bit of Bitcoin and use these codes, they will get a lot more in return. But actually, and its offers are not real. They are just a way to take your Bitcoin.

Bottom Line: Do not believe or interact with any offers from, especially if they involve promo codes and say celebrities are involved. The best thing to do is to ignore these fake offers and make sure your online money is safe. 🛡️💻

Be smart and think critically; any deal that looks too good to be true, especially if it says you’ll get free cryptocurrency and uses celebrities, is almost certainly a scam. 🤔

Don’t Be Fooled:’s Bitcoin Promo Code Scam (2024)


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