Matthias Reimann-Andersen (2024)

About Matthias Reimann-Andersen

  • Matthias Reimann-Andersen and three of his siblings own 95% of Luxembourg-based investment firm JAB Holding Company s.? r.l (JAB).
  • Upon the death of their father in 1984, Matthias and eight other heirs each inherited 11.1% of JAB; five of them subsequently divested their stakes.
  • The brands associated with the Reimann fortune include Pret A Manger, Krispy Kreme donuts, Peet's Coffee and Panera Bread.
  • Matthias is a descendant of chemist Ludwig Reimann, who, in 1828, joined with Johann Adam Benckiser and his namesake chemical company.
  • JAB made its first foray into the pet care sector in 2019 with the acquisition of Compassion-First Pet Hospitals.

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Consumer goods
Munich, Germany

Did you know

In 2016, the Reimanns commissioned a study which revealed close ties between their family, its business and the Nazi regime during World War II.

Following this discovery, the family formed the Alfred Landecker Foundation to support Holocaust survivors, conduct research and combat antisemitism.

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Matthias Reimann-Andersen (2024)


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