What all is included in the manuscript word count? (2024)

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Front matter such as title, author, and abstract and end matter such as references and acknowledgments are typically not included in the manuscript word count. The main text and also tables, figures, and captions for them are included in the count. The title has its own word limit (say about 10-15 max), so too the abstract (about 200-250 words). However, the journal usually specifies this in their author guidelines. So, you should check the guidelines.

A couple of points more. In case your manuscript exceeds the count, of course, you should try and reduce the count. But in case you’ve tried your best and it doesn’t come down any further, you may go ahead and submit it, but inform the editor in your cover letter. Editors give some allowance for an initial submission, so you should be ok.

For help with working within the word limit, you may refer to this piece: 10 Tips to reduce the length of your research paper

And for further help, you may of course use a language editing service. :)

Hope that helps. All the best for your submission!

Answered by Editage Insights on 22 Jan, 2021

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What all is included in the manuscript word count? (2024)


What all is included in the manuscript word count? ›

The word count usually includes everything in the main body of the text including citations, quotations and tables.

What content is included in the word count? ›

Generally speaking, the word count will include the following: All titles or headings that form part of the actual text. All words that form the essay (the main body of text).

How to count words in a manuscript? ›

Calculating Manuscript Word Counts

average per line; multiply the words/line by the number of lines on a full page of text to determine the words/page. Multiply the words/page by the total number of manuscript pages regardless of whether they contain text, figures, tables, displayed equations, or a combination thereof.

What is the rule for word count? ›

My general rule of thumb is you're OK if you turn in an article with 5 percent fewer words to 5 percent more words than assigned. For a 500-word story, that would be 475 words to 525 words. For a 1,000-word story, that would be 950 words to 1,050 words. For a 3,000-word article, it would be 2,850 to 3, 150 words.

Are journals strict on word count? ›

Word Count / Length

If your journal caps original research articles at 2,000 words, don't submit your 5,000 word paper (unless you like rejection)! Some journals may have limits on page numbers, so be mindful of that.

How many words is a 300 page manuscript? ›

300 pages is 150000 words single-spaced or 75000 words double-spaced. Typical documents that are 300 pages or more include full-length novels. A typical single-spaced page is 500 words long. It will take approximately 500 minutes to read 300 pages.

What does it mean to include a word count? ›

The word count is the number of words in a document or passage of text. Word counting may be needed when a text is required to stay within certain numbers of words. This may particularly be the case in academia, legal proceedings, journalism and advertising.

What is included in word count APA 7th? ›

However, for the purposes of an assignment, we would only expect your word count to include the text (and in text citations) of the body of your work, not the title page, contents page, reference list or appendices. As always, double check with your tutor to find out their preference.

Does the word count include references? ›

Citations within the text are usually included in your assignment word count. So quotations, references, footnotes, etc. would all be counted. The bibliography or reference list, however, is usually not included in the word count.

How do you cut down word count in a manuscript? ›

Here are a few simple tricks you can use to quickly tighten your text and meet the limit.
  1. Delete "The" ...
  2. Erase “That” ...
  3. Remove Adverbs and Adjectives. ...
  4. Use Shorter Words. ...
  5. Trim Wordy Phrases. ...
  6. Choose Active Voice. ...
  7. Revise Needless Transitions. ...
  8. Eliminate Conjunctions.
Dec 12, 2023

Is conclusion included in word count? ›

The general rule of thumb is to allocate 10% of the word limit for the introduction and 10% for the conclusion. This rule will leave 80% for the body paragraphs or sections. Remember that normally the references and appendices are not included in the word count.

How long should a manuscript sample be? ›

The number of pages in, and the general length of, a manuscript varies considerably in terms of genre, topic, readership, and many other important factors. Most manuscripts tend to be around 70,000-120,000 words long, which equates to around 250-450 pages.

What words are not included in word count? ›

The words that are excluded from the word count of an essay are the words written on the title page, table of contents, reference page or appendix.

How is word count calculated? ›

To determine the word count of a book, count up the words on a typical page. Then multiply by the number of actual pages (don't count the copyright page, title page, index pages, etc.).

How many manuscript pages is 20,000 words? ›

A 20,000 word count will create about 40 pages with single spacing or 80 pages double-spaced when using normal 1-inch margins, 12 pt. Arial font, and a standard A4 (letter size) page size.

How many manuscript pages is 3,000 words? ›

3,000 words is 6 pages single-spaced or 12 pages double-spaced. Documents that typically contain 3,000 words include college essays, operating manuals, and longer form blog posts. It will take approximately 10 minutes to read 3,000 words.

How many words is a 150 page manuscript? ›

A 100-page book would be, then, about 25,000 words; a 150-page book would be roughly 37,500 words. For the larger, 6 x 9 trim size, would be about 300 words per page. These books are generally heftier in general, so for a 150-page book you can target 45,000 words and 60,000 words for a 200-page book.

How many manuscript pages is 10,000 words? ›

10,000 words is 20 pages single-spaced or 40 pages double-spaced. Typical documents that are 10,000 words include college dissertations, theses, and in-depth blog posts and journal articles. It will take approximately 33 minutes to read 10,000 words.


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